• No cell phones, electronics, or personal items are permitted in the rooms.

  • Lockers are provided for your convenience.

  • Must reserve your room in advance, but you can BUY TICKETS any time.

  • We book up to 8 people per room.

  • Orientation lasts 10 minutes. Play time is 60 minutes.

  • No refunds or cancellations once room is booked.

  • Rooms start at the scheduled times. You want to arrive on time!



See below for the answers to these FAQs.

  1. What is an escape room?

  2. How does it work?

  3. Who is in the room?

  4. What is the room like?

  5. When will new rooms be available?

  6. What not to bring.

  7. Rules & Regulations

  8. What are the clues like?

  9. When to do an escape room...

  10. What if someone can not make it, or I need to add another person to my reservation?

1. What is an escape room?


Escape Rooms are live action adventure games. We “lock” you in a room.* You and the rest of your team / friends / family / colleagues must play together to solve a series of codes, ciphers, and puzzles in order to escape before your 60 minutes runs out! (See #8 for clue example.)

*A second door in the room remains unlocked at all times for safe exit.

2. How does it work?


Get locked in a room with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers. Together you will uncover clues leading to the final exit key. Unlock the door and escape before your 60 minutes run out.  Come back again and again to experience new rooms!

  1. Choose a time and date for the room you want to play.

  2. Choose from four different themed rooms. (Themes and rooms change periodically).

  3. Be sure to choose the number of players (up to 8).

  4. Reserve and pay for your room online.

  5. Arrive at the appointed time to check-in. Your appointment time IS your check-in time.

  6. Receive a brief orientation so that everyone in your group is prepped to play the room.

  7. Enter the room and have fun! You'll have 60 minutes to try to escape!

  8. Escape the room... if you can!!!

  9. Team pictures taken at the end.

3. Who is in the room?

  • We typically book 3 - 8 people per room. The ideal number of players per room is 4 to 6 adults to be able to escape within the hour.  However, we can accommodate up to 8 people for groups of friends or teams. We are family friendly, so a mix of adults and kids are welcome. Players under age 13 must be accompanied by a paid adult. See individual room details for specific information, as we have requirements for some rooms.

  • Will anything scary jump out at me or touch me? NO! Exciting surprises happen, but nothing scary.

4. What is the room like?


We pride ourselves in building experiences that transport you to another place and time. Each room has a different story line, time period, and game. See our ROOM pages to explore each room. You're in for an adventure! Each of our rooms is designed to be solved in a completely different way from any of the other rooms. So, you will want to try each unique room! Our rooms have different levels of challenge to provide experiences for everyone!

(NOTE: All rooms have a second door for safe exit.)

5. When will new roomS be available?


Just like going to the movies, our rooms change periodically. We offer holiday/seasonal rooms each year, as well. Follow us on Facebook to hear about the opening of new rooms. We also post discounts on Facebook, too. ;)



No cell phones, electronics or food/drink will be allowed in the rooms.  Free lockers are provided to stow all personal items prior to entering the room.


  • A Release of Liability Waiver is required to participate. Under 13 years of age must be accompanied by a paid adult (21+). 

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any person(s) who do not follow instructions outlined in our Rules and Regulations.

  • We monitor rooms at all times for your safety.

  • No refunds.


  • Clues do not require any specific, prior knowledge to solve. Example: If a clue asks you to solve something using a specific code, then you will be provided the information required to get to the answer. You do not need background knowledge about the theme of the room in order to be able to play and escape!

  • Some clues require you to explore and discover, similar to a treasure hunt. Example: Look where the light shines. (You might find your next clue on a lamp.)

  • Other clues will require problem-solving skills and creative thinking.

  • We do provide hints to help you along if you get stuck!

9. When to do an escape room...

  • With your colleagues and friends

  • For Team Building and Corporate events

  • Date night

  • Because your friend recommended us!

  • Birthday Party

  • With your Youth Group

  • You need an escape from every day life :)

  • You're and actor and like to get into character

  • We're about to change the room and time is running out!


  • In the event that a member of your party is unable to attend at the last minute, we will credit you the ticket towards the play of another room in the future. This way you do not lose out. We do not do refunds.

  • Sometimes, at the last minute, another person wants to join you in playing a room. You can either book another ticket online, or we can help you add the person upon your arrival. To add the person we take only credit card or exact cash only. We do not carry cash on site.